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We cordially welcome any and all who would like to join our club!

Since care of the Blowing Rock Memorial Gardens is our main service project, we encourage all willing and able members to participate with this, however, there are plenty of other ways to PLUG IN and be a part of our wonderful group! 


The only official membership requirement is payment of the yearly membership dues of $25. Once we receive your dues and your registration information, you are invited to attend any and all club sponsored events, including meetings, field trips, presentations, and special events, and you will have access to our Private Facebook Page!  

To join, you can come to a meeting, come to a workday (hours posted on the home page) or

You can contact 

our New Member Registrar

You are welcome to attend up to two meetings or workdays and get to know us before deciding if you would like to officially join!

Membership Dues and Donations

Each member is expected to pay their $25 yearly dues in May. Your initial $25 membership fee is due when joining the club.  Donations by members, guests or anyone else can also be made at any point. These can be paid at the meeting or be mailed to:

BR Garden Club    PO Box 2673     Blowing Rock 28605


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