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We cordially welcome you to join our club!
Friendships grow here...

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Join Us!

Whether you are an experienced gardener or don't know a daffodil from a daisy, you are welcome here!

And you don't need to come to a bunch of meetings unless you just want to...

Not everybody joins the garden club for the same reasons. Some join because they want to get busy in the gardens...volunteering, teaching and learning... while others join for more social reasons. Either way, and regardless of how much time or talent you have to contribute, there is a place for you here! 

  • You can join, the horticulture committee and be on a weekly garden crew or add your name to the list of folks who might be willing to help with special projects as they arise. 

  • You can join the hospitality committee and take your turn at bringing some yumminess to share at our meetings. 

  • You can head one of our many committees or just join in and help with fundraising and community outreach. 

If you are interested in gardening and/or supporting the beautification and community in Blowing Rock, join us and we will get you plugged in. 

The only official membership requirement is payment of the yearly membership dues. See below.

Once we receive your dues and your registration information we will get you plugged in to the right committee.

Upon joining, you're invited to attend our club sponsored activities and events. We have great monthly meetings with informative guest speakers. We also have monthly field trips and special events. You will also have access to our Private Facebook Page.



You are welcome to attend up to two meetings or workdays and get to know us before deciding if you would like to officially join!

Membership Dues and Donations

Each member is expected to pay their $35 yearly dues in May. Your initial $35 membership fee is due when joining the club.  Donations by members, guests or anyone else may also be made at any point. These may be paid at the meeting or be mailed to:

Blowing Rock Garden Club   

PO Box 2673                          

           Blowing Rock, NC 28605                 

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