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We meet May through October on the 1st Wednesday of the month.

Our traditional official meeting place is Rumple Memorial Presbyterian Church fellowship Hall at basement level, however due to COVID restrictions, we will be hosting our meetings via zoom until we can return to meeting in person at the church or an alternate location. We might still continue to offer the zoom meeting format for those who are uncomfortable with attending in person.   

Contact our Current President if you need a Zoom Link.


For meetings, we gather at 11:30 for social (if desired) and begin our general membership meeting at 12noon. The speaker starts about 12:15 and goes for about 30 minutes. Then we have a formal business meeting following the speaker.  

Traditionally we offered refreshments donated by members, however again due to COVID, that aspect of our gatherings is on hold. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments.

You do not have to go to meetings to be a member, however it's a great place to get to know us.  You are welcome to come to two meetings before deciding whether you would like to officially join.